Kyuko 2go

Kyuko 2go Solo Exhibition "Girl"

To commemorate the release of her artbook, Kyuko 2go (急行2号) 's special solo exhibition titled "Girl / ガール" will be held in February 2024. During the exhibition period, starting from Feburary 3rd, there will be exclusive printed canvas artworks added hand-drawn elements by Kyuko 2go will be showcased and offered for sale at a special price (limited to one piece each). We can receive the artworks' order from overseas

Period: February 3 (Sat) – February 18 (Sun), 2024
Venue: 9DAYS GALLERY (Shibuya MODI 4F)
Hours: 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Admission: Free
Artworks: 15 canvas artworks (print plus hand-drawn elements on wooden frame / Edition 1 / available at a special price during the exhibition)

*The artworks will be available for purchase starting from 11:00 AM on February 3rd (Saturday) Japan Time (first-come, first-served).

Kyuko 2go artworks link / Click here


Digital artist. Started artistic activities based in Fukuoka in 2017. Engages in exhibitions and visual productions for companies, actively holding solo exhibitions in Tokyo in recent years. While receiving support from peers for her depictions of "women admired by the same gender," she energetically explores new themes such as scenes, men, and artwork creation using analog materials.