Miori Nagashima

Custom 02

¥74,750 JPY

Write down your name in Kanji characters.

・Miori Nagashima will choose kanji characters that matches your name and write it down for you.
・There is no color floral design, only kanji characters. (in black ink).
・The meaning of the kanji and a simple explanation are included.
・Only alphabetic characters are accepted.
・It also makes a great gift. (Sorry, we do not offer wrapping.)

The work includes three inscriptions: "date", "artist's name" and "signature". (The date is optional.)

This product is available with only one kanji character. Please note that we cannot put more than one character, even if it is a small character.

Print Size
2730x2420(mm)  - Japanese Print

【How to order】

1. Please enter the requested characters you wish to have written in the remarks field.
2. We will check the pronunciation of the letters you have requested. If the pronunciation is difficult, we may contact you and ask you to send us a voice memo or other audio data.


・Please note that due to the nature of custom-made products, we are unable to show you the finished product in advance.
・We cannot accept any changes, modifications, or additions to your request. so please review your request carefully before proceeding to the payment page.
・Since the work is basically left to the artist to write, it may not be 100% linked to the customer's image

【Optional Products】

 ・Japanese-style cardboard (simple frames) that go well with her artwork can be purchased as an option.
・You can choose your favorite base color to match your interior.
・We will include the cardboard with the artwork, and you are responsible for setting (framing) the artwork when you receive it.

*The artwork will be shipped around 1.5 months after payment. Please note that the delivery of works may be delayed for certain reasons.

*We do not accept specifications for delivery date, delivery time, or delivery company.

*For overseas deliveries, all duties, taxes, and customs fees are to be paid by the customer. Duties and taxes will be paid in advance by the shipping company. The shipping company will charge you for these fees as well as customs fees upon delivery. We do not accept returns or provide refunds for reasons such as costly taxes and customs fees. Please be aware of this when purchasing.

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