The first exhibit of 2023 is "sakutaro-san.

Born in 1997 in Kyoto. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University, Faculty of Design, Illustration Course in 2020. He captures the landscapes he sees and finds beautiful through illustrations and photographs, and uses them to create his artwork. His style of illustration, which exaggerates colors and shapes, gives priority to the sensation of seeing the scenery more realistically than the scenery he actually captures in photographs and other media.

Three of the six works will be framed in 9DAYS GALLERY's original large acrylic frames. The other three works are original analog paintings by sakutaro.

The artworks are all newly drawn, never-before-seen new works!

You will be able to see sakutaro's unique expression of scenes and world view in dynamic size. All of the exhibited works will be signed by sakutaro and sold as 1/1 works.


Outline of the event

Period: January 7 (Sat) - 15 (Sun), 2023

Exhibition: 3 giclee works and 3 analog originals

For sale: Both custom-made acrylic framed artworks and analog originals will be on sale at EDITION of 1.

Six of the exhibited works will also be available as giclee works (Edition of 10) for a limited time only.

Other goods such as postcards and stickers will also be available.