Lives and works in Hokkaido.She mainly creates illustrations of girls and everyday scenes with detailed and intricate backgrounds in digital format.

Her specialty is elaborate drawings. Started drawing digital illustrations when she was in elementary school.Started working as a freelance illustrator in January 2020. Currently, she is involved in advertisements for various companies and the main visuals for websites.

The artworks are framed in 9DAYS GALLERY's original large acrylic frames. You can see even TAO's elaborate drawings. All exhibited works will be signed by TAO and sold as 1/1 works

Outline of the event

Period: December 10 (Sat) - 18 (Sun), 2022

Exhibition: 6 framed works (2 framed works per session / changes every 3 days)

Sales: Exhibited works (1/1) / Giclee works (Edition 10) of 6 exhibited works, postcards, posters, stickers, clear files, and other related goods for sale