Tamaki 9DAYS exhibition.

Tamaki is particularly good at dusk and rain scenes. Drawing on his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of architecture, he skillfully uses precise and emotional compositions and perspective in his paintings. By placing a woman with a blurred expression in a common everyday scene, he gives viewers a lot of imagination. Her style is favored by both men and women, and she is supported by a large number of strong fans.
The exhibition will be held for 9 days, with a change of works every 3 days (1 course). 3 works per course, 6 works in total will be exhibited. Six of the works will be displayed in 9DAYS GALLERY's original 1-meter wide acrylic frames. The works will be signed by the artists and sold at the same time (by lottery).
Exhibition Outline
Period: November 26 (Sat) - December 4 (Sun), 2022
Exhibition: 6 framed works - 1 canvas (3 framed works per exhibition / works will be changed every 3 days)
For sale: exhibited works (1 piece each *during the exhibition period, sold by lottery) / 6 framed giclee works (Edition No. 1-30 each) postcards, posters, stickers, clear files and other related goods for sale