Distributor: CARTON Tokyo Inc.
Representative Director: CARTON Tokyo Inc.
Location: 302 MAHALO Meguro Senzoku 302, 2-25-6 Senzoku, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan 152-0012
Phone number: 03-6421-5573
E-mail address: hello@cartontk.jp
Price: Varies depending on the product. Please refer to each product page.
Fees other than product price: Shipping fee, optional items
Payment method: Credit card, Paypal, bank transfer
Time of payment: Immediate payment regardless of payment method
Time of delivery of goods: Shipped within 10 days of payment (arrival time may vary depending on the country and circumstances)
Delivery method: Delivery by shipping company or PUDO
Returns, defective products, and cancellations: Basically, we do not accept any returns.
Return period: None.