9DAYS x Kyuko2go
Three new art works will debut here!

Her portrayals of "admirable women of her generation" gained a steady following among her peers, while she also energetically challenges new expressions such as landscapes and men. Common to all of her works is the contrast between light and shadow using edgy light sources, and the depiction of a three-dimensional effect by utilizing the presence or absence of focus, and she is particularly good at successfully highlighting the beauty that women possess.

She depicts women a little mysterious, yet somehow gentle, and whom you want to gaze at forever.
she depicts attractive women even without smiling.

This is the concept of Kyuko2go

[Exhibition Outline]
Period: January 21 (Sat) - 29 (Sun), 2023
Artist at gallery: January 28 (Sat.) and 29 (Sun.), 2023

In addition to art products, merchandise will also be available.
She will be at the gallery from noon to early evening.
Please come and meet the artist herself!